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If you are looking for One On One attention and focus then our  One On One Coaching program is perfect for you. With a personalized approach to your training, CrossFit 100 can help you reach your goals quickly!


What you get:

  • Individualized Program designed around your specific goals
  • One On One Focus and Attention with a Coach
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tangible results physically and intangible results both mentally and emotionally
  • Your path to self-betterment starts with a Bright Spots session: what are you already doing right? How can we use those Bright Spots to leverage improvement…how can we help you get used to success?
  • Key to the perfection of technique and effective scaling of workouts is the Coach.


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Save $$$ with our new Personal Training Packages!

Personal Training packages provide your best training experience for the best price.

(1) 30-minute Private Personal Training session – $45

(10) 30-minute Private Personal Training sessions  – $405 – SAVE $45.00!

(20) 30-minute Private Personal Training sessions  – $765.00– SAVE $135.00! – **MOST POPULAR OPTION**

(1) 60-minute Private Personal Training session – $65

(10) 60-minute Private Personal Training sessions  – $585.00– SAVE $65.00!

(20) 60-minute Private Personal Training sessions –$1105.00 – SAVE $195.00!


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1 On 1 Coaching