Barbell 100

barbell 100 crossfit

This is focus on Olympic Weightlifting, a fundamental part of CrossFit consisting of two lift movements: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. These lifts test for explosive and functional strength, while taking the whole body through its maximum range of motion. The Olympic lifts are inherently technical, dynamic and fast. Due to the importance and complexity of Olympic lifts, CrossFit 100 has programs that combine the Outlaw and other reputable programs, some of the foremost names in this field, to offer a program specifically focusing on those two lifts, including the skills and drills that compliment them. During these small group classes, each athlete is under the watchful eyes of a coach, and will receive specific, personalized assessment and feedback on their lifting technique and execution. Our Barbell 100 program is open to everyone, regardless of skill level. The program is FREE for CrossFit 100 members! For non-members, please check out our memberships fees page for more information be sure to contact us. Classes generally run every Tuesdays and Thursday mornings and evenings. Refer to our schedule page for more detail times. Class sizes are limited so please contact us via email ( to reserve your spot or for additional information.